Saturday, April 25, 2009


I think she's trying to kill me.....


Thursday, April 09, 2009

life, in general

is pretty good.
Spring is trying to come to the INW (inland Northwest) like nothing I've ever seen. But, winter keeps attempting to disrupt the beauty that is Spring.

Cisco is great- adapting really well to his new home, and lovin the backyard!

The house is slowly coming along, although we have had a few major hiccups in the past few weeks. 2 water pipes exploded and the washing machine broke. YAY! Sometimes I think renting really is the way to go. LOL

The job is wonderful, and Fishstick seems to be loving his new line of employment. That man never ceases to amaze me, he thrives and rocks any and every challenge that he comes in contact with. Man I love him.

We just ordered the MLB package on Comcast so we can see the Giants play some baseball!

For our one year anniversary we will be trekking across the state to see the Giants battle the Mariners over Memorial Day Weekend! I can't wait.

The yard is slowly starting to take shape, and flowers are blooming. I love color, and I love not having everything look so darn barren. It's beautiful!

I travel home in 21 days to see family and attend a wedding, and I am so excited for my trip! It's been 4 months- almost 5 since I have seen my family and man O man do I miss them. It's going to be really weird not seeing Joel for 4 days, but a good healthy dose of family is what I have been needing as of late.