Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A bit frazzled

With many a situation. I say it all the time, but I really don't understand things so much of the time. I thought the older we got, the more things make sense. I guess I am just totally naive or something. On a normal day I am the biggest optimist you will ever meet. The sun will always shine, doors never close without a window opening, silver linings always present. Not this week. This week has been a headache, possibly from thinking entirely too much about certain situations that I have been presented with, that pose the following questions:

1. You bring up a big problem to a person, this person listens, no advice given, just questions asked to get a better grasp on said situation. The you don't hear from said person. Shoot them an email or two to check in- a phone call as well, and no return anything. Communication completely cut off. What is that all about? How can you cry on someone's shoulder and then not follow through with how things are going with the situation??? It's a bit frustrating to say the least!

2. The word "Thank you". Where has it gone exactly? It seems as though it isn't a part of peoples normal day to day routine to say thanks anymore. How hard is it? Two words, spoken after something is done, said or presented to another.

thank you

a conversational expression of gratitude

and just in case you needed to use it in any other language:

thank you
I thank you
Example: Thank you (very much) for your present; No, thank you.
Arabic: شُكْرا، أشْكُرَك
Chinese (Simplified): 谢谢(你)
Chinese (Traditional): 謝謝(你)
Czech: děkuji
Danish: tak
Dutch: dank je
Estonian: aitäh, tänan teid
Finnish: kiitos
French: merci
German: danke
Greek: (σε, σας) ευχαριστώ
Hungarian: köszönöm!
Icelandic: þakka þér
Indonesian: terima kasih
Italian: grazie
Japanese: ありがとう
Latvian: paldies; pateicos
Lithuanian: ačiū
Norwegian: tusen takk (for)
Polish: dziękuję
Portuguese (Brazil): obrigado
Portuguese (Portugal): obrigado
Romanian: mulţumesc
Russian: благодарю
Slovak: ďakujem
Slovenian: hvala
Spanish: gracias
Swedish: tack !, tackar!
Turkish: teşekkür ederim

3. When did being the only person in existence become a hip thing to do? No one else exists, no one else has feelings, no one else matters. It's a very interesting concept that I don't think I am very comfortable with. If this is the way we are evolving- I might as well retreat into a cave for the rest of my existence.

4. Human beings bury their heads in the sand? I was unaware of this as well. They can have lots of information presented to them from various sources, but choose to not take said information into their action or thought process. Even when it comes from a loved one.

All of these things have been tossing around in my head all week. Makes it a bit hard to sleep, especially when they are all things that I am passionate about. Treat people as you wish to be treated, keep it simple, less drama is better. I will never understand why people choose to complicate issues that don't need to be. If presented with a challenge, a question, a task, simply would be my preference to handle whatever it may be.

I am starting to think that I care too much about certain people or situations, and that is why they affect me this way. Perhaps it is time to not care about things the way I do, or care for the people I care for the way I care. I don't know. I'm very lost with people's actions and words lately I am pretty glad I am going on a short "vacation" this weekend with my family- the people that always keep it real, keep it simple, keep it full of love.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Team work

Last night an amazing group of couples gathered at the home of Rachel and Kowboi to build tons and tons of platforms for a festival that is scheduled to take off next week. 24 beers, one pizza, 4 hours, a Beatles cd and a million laughs later, we had them complete. It is truly amazing when crunch time is presented and phone calls are made, who cares enough to help a very stressed friend out with a task one person shouldn't ever be asked to accomplish alone.
Last night was amazing. Really showed me who cares, who understands the frustration, and who wanted to have some fun with a few wonderful individuals.
Kowboi is amazing when it comes to building things, I can do nothing more than look on in amazement with his skills, his precise measurements, his organization, his dedication to the things he loves. And damnit he needs some really big "thank you's" from certain individuals. A technical mind is awe inspiring to me. Precise things are hard for me to achieve, but putting things together, like making phone calls, and setting things up are quite easy. You tell me what and where, I'll tell you who and when.
I want to thank Mustang, Dana, Kowboi, Rachel and SSM for making last night one of the best nights I have had in a very long time. I love you guys! Thanks for stepping up when this festival really needed you!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thanks Kowboi

for this beautiful picture of me

*smooches bitch*


Question of the day. Why is it so easy to spout off about certain things and so very hard to talk about others? Sometimes things that upset us just spill out of our mouths, sometimes you keep them trapped in until one day it just explodes out. The day to day things are easy to let out, but the minute there is something that effects us in one way or another we can't seem to let ourselves talk about it.
Things that frustrate me are usually a bit easy to let out, usually. Then the things that I feel very deeply about, I can't ever find the words.
Someday I pray there will be a balance between my thoughts and my words....

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


1. lacking or indicating lack of confidence or assurance
2. not established beyond doubt; still undecided or unknown
3. not established or confirmed
4. not certain to occur; not inevitable
5. subject to change
6. not consistent or dependable
7. ambiguous (especially in the negative)

un·sure (ŭn-shŏŏr', -shûr')
  1. Lacking confidence.
  2. Uncertain of the facts.
  3. Precarious; unstable; unreliable.

un·sure'ly adv.

Friday, February 16, 2007

And because APJ did it,
so am I LOL! :)

Kinky Amorous Temptress Imparting Embraces

Get Your Sexy Name

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wanted to wish everyone out there a very Happy Valentine's Day. Yes, I do understand that you are suppose to love daily, but having that one day a year to be able to be super smooshy in public, and get super romantical (yes I said romantical), needs to be wished to all!
I hope yours is full of lots of hugs and kisses- maybe even some chocolate! LOL ;)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

at least for today! :)

Conversations with friends over a cup of coffee, especially when they just show up at your house. Even when the topics may be a bit confusing to both parties or being hard to talk about, knowing that I have people in my life that will just show up when they need an ear, shoulder or cup of coffee means so much to me.

Having super long conversations with friends that live too far away to just stop by. Getting caught up on moves, loves, children, family, jobs- everything. Then having super long conversations with people that live close by and their day, the killer conversation they had, help understanding certain things in the world. Events to conspire the next day, and the following week.

The sunrise I saw on the bus this morning. Scattered clouds, all pink on the bottoms. How calm and beautiful the sky is while the world is just waking up. How the sun feels on my skin even when it's still a bit chilly outside. How much sun in the morning changes my entire outlook on the upcoming day- that it's going to be good, going to be filled with warmth and smiles.

This small but wonderful collection I have slowly acquired of original, local photography. How it's so different and so beautiful in each pieces own way. I love art- think it's amazing. But there is something I love even more about photography. It's someone's personal view of something we all see on an almost daily basis. It is very interesting to see what others see through a lens.

I woke up this morning so thankful for many things, realizing how lucky I am.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

M&M bloggers #2

Zen Bunny

Kowboi after a crazy Rogue day! :P


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bloggers as M&M's

A few bloggers as M&M's. More to come- promise! :)





The Simple Life, Katie style

So, I have decided to make life a bit more streamline. Got rid of the cell phone, I have a house phone- why do I need 2 phones???? I don't, so the cell is going to be used for road trips and out of town excursions- so I have a way to phone if I need to.
I am working on the no smoking train. I've been on the patch for 4 days now, and with the exception of 2 random cigs I haven't been smoking...... a more healthy person and some serious cash saving in the near future.
I test drove a car that was super cute last night, but as most things go- cute doesn't get anyone very far- now does it? LOL The thing was a POS. So, the car hunt continues, something in decent shape that will get me a million miles to the gallon works just fine for me.
So in the recent past, I have cut out the cell, most booze, cigs (well close enough), and am aiming for mucho afford ability in a vehicle.

that's the theme to 2007! :)