Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I have a florist!!!!

They are amazing!!!! I met with my mom and the head florist at Fresno State last night. It's a done deal- the deposit check goes in Tuesday.
The flowers we decided on are:

Queen Anns Lace

mini and full size white Gerbs
Green Glads

White Glads


And assorted Greens- but this is one of them!

I am so very happy. Got an amazing quote and had a chance to browse their work. The other cool part- they grow most of the flowers at the school!!!!

I'm super stoked about my bouquet- it's a white glad composite- basically means that they take a ton of petals off of the stocks and put them back together to make this huge lacy looking flower for me to carry!!!!

So check them out if you need flowers!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lots of things...

in the near future..

* have to write letter for very important thing
* Rogue volunteering aka being APJ's cizash biatch
* wedding planning
* mom's birthday planning
* preparing for Fishstick's folks visit
* Nanner's birthday
* Cadie's Birthday
* kicking kitty ass all over the house
(the baby has now figured out that she can jump on counters and what not and deems herself wayyyyy to un-kitty like to not be on things that don't belong to her)

I like being busy but sometimes get myself a bit over whelmed. I have been dealing with a few issues in the daily that I am hoping will be resolved very very soon. On a positive note, fishstick and I are headed to my Aunt and Uncles house today to wish my cousin Brandon Miller a great farewell as he heads off the Spring Training! This will be his second season playing A ball for the Rockies! The kick ass part of training- he gets to do it with the big boys! So flippin cool!!!!! I'm stoked baseball season is almost here- it is my love, the thing that makes me so content in life, and it's almost here. Along with the fact that I get to see the Giants/ Grizzlies exhibition game in March here at the stadium!

So yeah that's about that!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Wedding Browsing

So today I am browsing for veil ideas to go with my dress.... just checking out a few things here and there.

GOOD FUTHERMOCKING GAWD! There are some disgusting veils/ veil models online. *shudder*

I have a few examples for y'all

enjoy- oh please enjoy....

This one- headpiece not so bad- but I didn't realize they found the EXACT people that are probed by aliens from trailer parks to model anything....

I have no words, not one.....

Just a gagging sound.

This looks like a snowman ate too much of the spicy chili I made about a month ago, and the by product is what is on this womans head....

Those were the worst I found before realizing that I couldn't bare to see anymore....